Utvalg for Kunstneropphold 2016/ Shortlist for 2016

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11749513_1069451543083835_1172353505_nDear All,
First we wish to thank all of you for submitting your works to us, for feedback and application.
During the past few months we have had so many great encounters with talented people, and received so many great works via e-mail.
The quality of the applications has made this selection process very hard, and there are several projects that so nearly missed the shortlist
that we wish we could have included more photographers in our program. Unfortunately this is not possible.
If your name is on the shortlist, congratulations!
If it is not, you may want to consider applying again next year.
The final selection of 6 artists to be invited, will be done during August. We know this part of the selection
process will be equally difficult. When the decision has been made, you will all receive another e-mail with the final result.
Thank you again for letting us have the privilege of selecting among such great works.
Please find the shortlist below.
Within a few days the shortlist will also be available on Halsnøy Kloster´s website
and on facebook:
Best wishes
Oyvind and Helén

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