Det nærmer seg !! Danseworkshop :Tradisjonell japansk dans

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Nå nærmer det seg fort. Allerede mandag 20.06.2011 kl. 1800 starter danseworkshopen i tradisjonell japansk dans.

Vi møtes i dansesalen på Sunnhordland folkehøgskole- dette er en unik mulighet, kom,kom!

I samband med sitt kunstneropphald på Halsnøy Kloster vil Haruna Kawanishi , fotograf, frå Japan og hennar modell, Rika Asakaze, skodespelar/dansar, halde Danseworkshop på Sunnhordland Folkehøgskule i kulturutvekslinga si ånd. Workshopen er open for alle som er interessert i dans og andre lands kulturar. Workshopen tek føre seg  tradisjonell japansk dans og tydingane av denne. Ein treng ikkje forkunnskapar i dans for å delta.

Workshopen og også ein del av Kawanishi /Asakaze sitt arbeid for dei katastroferamma i Japan og kursavgifta vil gå i sin heilskap til hjelpeorganisasjon for desse.


Under delar av workshopen vil det bli fotografert /filma som del av undervisninga. Kawanishi etterspør også dansarar som kan tenke seg å stille som modell under workshopen.


Dato: 20.-23.06, kl 18.00 – 19.30

Dansesalen, Sunnhordland Folkehøgskule

Kursavgift: kr. 500.-

Påmelding til Helen Petersen, Halsnøy Kloster

tlf.:48130020 / e-post:

Om Kawanishi og Asakaze:


Born in 1979 in Tokyo.
Produced and played first role in «While you sleep» in 2002 for 59th Venice international film festival. The same film projected in 13 Film Festivals in 7 countries. (Italy, UK, Spain, France, Korea, Singapore, USA)

Started photography in 2005. Participated in Promenades Photographiquesl in 2008. Solo show at Gallery 21 in Tokyo, Japan in 2009. Received International Photography Award in LA, USA in 2009 and 2010. In 2010, exhibited works at Alpilles-Provence’art from recommendation by Christo and Simon Chaput. Also being selected as «10 selected up and coming artists» by Japanese photography magazine «PHaTPHOTO».

 Rika Asakaze

Actress and model. Has worked with Haruna Kawanishi and appeared on all of her artwork as model.

Played lead actress in “Sakura, Sakura”, directed by Kyoichi Koumoto in 2004 (award a grand prize in Matsumoto Film Festival). Appeared on the film “Shiawase”, directed by Kyoichi Koumoto in 2005, which was nominated at 2005 Shibuya short film festival as well as being played in Australia and screened at 2007 France Clermont-Ferrand film festival. Appeared on film “AUN”, directed by Edgar Honetschläger as collaborated film between Japan and Brazil in 2008 (premiere screening at Rotterdam International Film Festival) In 2010, appeared on the theatrical “Story of Jyousyu-Nishigawa” (screenplay by Testuo Takahira) and French national broadcasting special program “L’EMPIRE DE SANS”.

Om workshopen (eng.):

About the workshop

This workshop will be about learning control of body balance and breathing through the series of physical activity. Also we will be doing live photo shoot at the same time and see the actual choreography. By doing so, participants have a chance to learn that there is unique Japanese sense to the way of body move.

We will be showing some of Japanese stories to help learn use of metaphor and creation of the story. We will look closely how Japanese stories are constructed and introduce concord between meanings, and how it expands the imagination.

I am doing Aikido (art of weaponless self-defense) and I will be showing you essence of the logical Japanese training method of body movement.

Rika Asakaze has been learning Classical Japanese dance for years and she will give lecture for control of breathing, about the body balance, posing, and meaning of  using Japanese fan and umbrella.

Therefore we recommend all participants to come with casual dress.

The workshops will be series of four sessions but you can understand even you miss some of session. Each session will be about of 60 to 75 minutes. The theme of this workshop will be about “photograph and story telling”, and “Japanese method of body move from acting and modeling perspectives”.

Each session’s contents will be as the follow.

1) Story and metaphor/ Classical Japanese dance and breathing method using the lower part of abdomen / Body balance / Basic of Classical Japanese dance

2) Story and body move / Classical Japanese dance and breathing method using the lower part of abdomen / Image training of breathe synchronizing to focus your mind / Play with Japanese fan and umbrella

3) Acting and Japanese method of body control / Classical Japanese dance and breathing method using the lower part of abdomen / Trying actual styles of Classical Japanese dance

4) Creating artwork / Classical Japanese dance and breathing method using the lower part of abdomen / Dace training (wearing Japanese summer kimono)/ Photo shoot and selecting works.

(Please note: order of each session or the content is subject to change0

If anybody have digital camera, it would be interested to have live photo shoot session while we dance. This workshop will focus on learning with the feeling and body exercise, rather than thinking with the head.

Hilsninger fra Haruna Kawanishi og Rika Asakaze: (eng.)

Greeting message

Greetings All,

It has been over one month since occurrence of the Tohoku Region Pacific Coast Earthquake. People in the affected area are facing difficult times, but they all believe in restoration of their land and coming together as one. We are sending our thoughts and prayers, and wishing for their relieved life and smiles to be back soon.

I have deeply recognized our beautiful everyday life and appreciate having a life in peace. Today, Tokyo had a clear sky without a peck of cloud. The cherryblossoms have bloomed, warm and subdued sunlight pouring down.

I hope we will be able to call the day like this «peaceful» again in casual feelings.

Since March 11th, I have been thinking about what I can do as a creative photographer who focuses on the story. Many of Japanese photographers are now visiting Fukushima (where nuclear plants are located) to shoot their works. I have decided not to take photos at the affected area because I want to use my power of imagination toward the future. Because I believe «what artists can do is to create saving space by the form of fiction». After a lot of thinking, I decided to contribute to the society through my photographic activity.

For the duration of one year until March 31st next year, I will be donating 10% of all profits from the sales of my works. Along with that, I am giving whatever help that is in my capability. As for my first action, I have participated to the charity auction through my affiliated gallery in Japan.

During my Artist in Residency program at Halsnøy Kloster, Sunnhordland Museum, I will open a workshop along with Japanese actress Rika Asakaze. Helen Petersen, Sunnhordland Museum and photographer Øyvind Hjelmen have kindly welcomed our idea. The purpose of this workshop is to preserve Japanese culture by spreading our culture to as many as people we can. It would be interesting to see how understanding of Japanese culture would expand creativity and expression of people in Norway, and how it may influence their artworks. Also, Asakaze and I as human beings, as well as Japanese artists would be happy to mark our footsteps in this workshop participant’s future artworks.

I will not talk in details, but I personally believe we should not use nuclear power in exchange to make our life rich because it has a possibility of affecting on our future generation, People have the right to pursuit what kind of life they want to have and choice is in our hands, but it is not right to collateralize our future life.

I would like to help for the future with what I can personally do. I would like to talk about the future with participants of this workshop,- To look forward and see what is ahead of us.

Thank you.

Haruna Kawanishi

Greetings All,

On the day of the disaster, I was in Tokyo, spending my ordinary «easy» life, without any worry whatsoever in my mind. Then the earthquake occured all of a sudden and shocked me while I was on the fifth floor of the shaking building. I have never experienced such an terror in my life before.
I painfully learned that my taken-for-granted world, ordinary life and easy time could disappear with an unexpected “bang”. Just like vanishing with a flash of light.
After the disaster, I have been thinking deeply what and how I could contribute to the society that I live in as an artist and I will continue asking myself .

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in June.

Rika Asakaze


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